Deposits are $700 Cdn and need to be either cash, money order or PayPal to reserve a suite.


We do not accept credit cards for rent, but as a service to our clients we offer PayPal as an option of paying your deposit. PayPal payments are subject to a $25 service charge, but this will allow for a credit card payment on your behalf. All deposits made by PayPal must be for $725 Cdn. This, in turn, will result in a $700 Cdn deposit.

No reservations are final until a deposit has been received. Deposits are not refunded if a reservation is cancelled. Full or partial deposits are returned only after a suite is vacated and an inspection done. Please make sure we have contact information regarding where to send deposit returns to. All out of town deposits will be returned by PayPal.

Suites are expected to be presented in the same condition they are received to receive a full deposit refund. This means suites are to be professionally cleaned throughout, not just tidied, with all personals (clothes, food, etc) taken out. Poor cleaning of the suite will result in the deduction of cleaning costs from your deposit. We can supply a cleaner for you at a cost of $20/hr during or at the end of your stay.

When you leave, all surfaces should be cleaned and wiped down. The fridge, stove, cupboards, drawers and bathroom should all be emptied of personals and cleaned. All used dishes must be washed. You are not expected to do laundry, unless there are laundry facilities in the suite. In this case it is much appreciated if it is at least started, by bringing out any used linen, towels and blankets requiring cleaning. Floors should be swept or vacuumed with any marks removed. This includes the balcony. Please let us know if there are any issues with the suite i.e. things broken, missing or not working properly. If there aren’t proper supplies for cleaning, please let us know so we can get them for you.

Deposits are only returned after the suite has been inspected. We do not ship items left behind, so please make sure you collect all of your belongings before you leave. It is in your best interest to be up front about any damage to a suite. This will avoid any future discrepancy regarding the deduction of repair costs from your deposit.

Smoking is not permitted in suites. All units have balconies which smoking is permitted on. Please respect your neighbours and make sure cigarettes are not thrown on other people’s property and are securely disposed of.

Tenants agree to the following:

  • I acknowledge that I will vacate my suite on or before my end date giving a minimum of 30 days notice, and that failure to do so will result in the forfeit of my full deposit.
  • I also acknowledge that any damage caused by me, my pet, or anyone in the suite with me, will result in the deduction of any repair costs from my deposit. I also understand that any outstanding rent will be deducted from my deposit, and that being arrears in rent, without the permission of the landlord, will result in my immediate eviction without notice.
  • I acknowledge that not disclosing to the landlord the presence of a pet or people living in the suite will result in the forfeiture of my deposit and result in immediate eviction.
  • I acknowledge that noise or behaviour deemed a disturbance to other tenants will not be tolerated, and that this will result in the forfeiture of all rent and my deposit, and my immediate eviction.

All suites come with internet, cable,  and $50/month of hydro (heat and electricity) included. Any charges incurred by the tenant over and above these (ie. excess hydro) will be charged to the tenant.

For more information about terms and conditions, please contact:
Brad Mitchell
First Class Accommodations